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During this down time I’ve been focusing my energy on a few things. Lifting more regularly, training with my wife at home, writing more (some of it not on this blog but a longer work to be released later that I’ve wanted to do for some time) and on my video instruction, delivery, and communication skills.

Being able to communicate effectively on video is a skill in itself, much like radio, or teaching group classes or private lessons there are a lot of similar elements. But like everything we do, domain specific adaptations are what make for truly effective performance.

I don’t have even a start on things like proper lighting, acoustics, editing, or effects. I’m not sure I want to dig into these elements at this time. I’ll be focused on my conent and delivery and not on production value. This doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the value in such, it is after all part of the production, it’s just not the segment I’m focused on learning at this time.

Most of this endeavor is about personal growth and me putting myself under pressure by making videos public and performing this for an open audience. But another part of it that there are some items I would like easy reference to  for my own needs as well as getting what I feel is good and important information out there for the public good.

For the moment I’m starting with several shorter easy to reference videos on gun safety and shooting mechanics aimed at new gun owners. I’ve had lots of correspondence from my non shooting friends lately about them buying their first gun. I’m always encouraging of responsible gun ownership, and I needed some easy to send links that could walk them through basics and be easily digestible.

Later on plan on adding items such as gun grappling techniques, training exercises, or anything else I think will be useful to the multidisciplinary community.

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