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Wednesdays 6:30 pm-7:30 pm

Stout Training Pittsburgh

Saturdays 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Stout Training Cranberry

With the guidance of my good friend and mentor Craig Douglas I am pleased to present a regular weekly class based primarily on his work at Stout Training Pittsburgh. I have been a student of Craig’s for years and it was under his direction I first started training at an MMA gym and later found Warren Stout. With the support and help from guys like Cecil Burch , Larry Lindenman, and Paul Sharp I’ve been truly honored to teach this material at the academy.

The coursework is what can be best described as a modern Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ) approach to self defense. We utilize the proven techniques present in Boxing, Wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ ). We just do it with guns and knives while accounting for concerns such as multiple adversaries and real world environments.

We utilize the training method of introducing a skill, learning that skill in a controlled setting with a partner, and then working on that skill with live resistance. I will not ask anyone to take my word for it, you get the chance to validate the techniques yourself under real pressure in a safe environment.

Each month focuses on a different element. One month will be stand up work while another month focuses on the ground, and so on. The curriculum repeats through a cycle while constantly reinforcing fundamental skills. Training will include live role players, training weapons, and a variety of scenarios to mirror the realities of practical self defense.

We will work with blue guns and knives. But we also will train with pepper spray (using inert trainers) and look at the usefulness of small flashlights and other items for self defense.

This is the perfect setting for the BJJ player to get to experience what grappling over a gun is like and how it changes the game, as well as the average person who doesn’t practice any combat sport to learn the fundamentals and see how they are applied to the problem.

Contact us for scheduling and pricing.


(8 hours, live fire and force and force)


  • Students must have had prior formal firearms training to include holster work


  • Electronic ear pro
  • Ballistic eye protection
  • Holster with mouth that remains open to facilitate re holstering one handed
  • 2 spare magazines
  • 300 rounds practice ammunition

Students should bring a mouth guard, cup, or any other gear they desire for contact portions of class

This class is focused on surviving an initial surprise violent encounter and learning what skills are needed to navigate in extreme close quarters in order to facilitate the use of a concealed carry firearm. As a one day course this will not be as inclusive as the Shivworks ECQC full 2.5 day course, and should not be viewed as a replacement but rather as a supplement to the full coursework. Topics covered will include use of a default cover, clinch work, and shooting from entangled and compressed positions.


AC/DC is a 8 hour live fire course designed as an adjunct to the Shivworks Armed Movement In Structures course.

The focus of this course is to introduce the student to practical shooting exercises that translate directly into the solo structure work presented in class. Focus will be on explosive point to point movement, moving with a gun in hand, visual information gathering, and understanding movement within geometry. Students should leave with a understanding of what isolated skills translate to contextualized training and how to practice those skills in isolation during practice.

Please see prior posts on the subject in our Live Fire For AMIS series.

Prerequisites :

  • Enrollment is only open to AMIS graduates with prior formal firearms training including instruction on drawing from a holster, gun handling, and basic marksmanship.
  • You will be working on a hot range with other students and will be expected to keep your gun functional while moving and acting in highly dynamic shooting exercises.

If you are unsure please email me directly to discuss.

Required equipment:

  • Reliable handgun
  • Sturdy holster the mouth of which must remain open for re-holstering
  • A min of 3 magazines or speed loaders
  • Safety glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • A brimmed hat (we will be shooting steel , this is important gear)
  • Airsoft or “blue” training gun
  • Footwear suitable to running
  • 500 rounds reliable practice ammunition
  • Note taking materials


This is a 4 hour seminar designed to introduce the novice student to fundamental grappling techniques and concepts that apply when weapons are in play as well as inform the experienced grappler on how to adjust their existing skill set to a real world environment.  We will work in both the standing entanglement using a wrestling approach for control, weapons access, and hand control as well as on the ground using Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to defend from strikes and work back to our feet.


This is a 2 hour seminar intended to present to the students to an abbreviated Managing Unknown Contacts (MUC) template as well as introduce them to the concept of live training and active resistance.

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