Good To Be Back

This past year has been rough. And I didn’t think for a while it would happen but I’ve managed to come out the other side a better version of myself than I was going in.

I understand a good number of my friends made different choices than I did regarding training during the pandemic and I’m not here to debate them. The choices I made I felt were right for me, but they were also easy to make. Not everyone has a wife that trains, 24×12 mat space and a full weightlifting setup in the basement as well as high level training partners to come over regularly, the ability to work from home, money to have groceries delivered, and the ability to still go to the range, go biking and hiking and live life. Had I been living alone, working with the public, trapped in some little apartment all day I wont say I wouldn’t have made different choices.

We decided we would wait until at least our parents and most vulnerable loved ones where vaccinated. Once vaccinations came out faster than I expected we decided we would get ours before we finished this thing off.

If you think covid is some kind of liberal ploy or vaccines will put 5G tracking chips in you you can fuck right off. Seriously. My uncle was in the ICU, my aunt lost several friends from her senior center that could have had years more on this planet to love their grandchildren. I have friends that still can’t breathe well.

But this past weekend we had a house full of friends. People I haven’t touched in over a year. We trained, we laughed, we listed to music, we grilled meat over open flames and children and laughter filled our yard.

I don’t think I’m someone who ever took life for granted. I feel like I’m on my 5th life right now at least. The Momento Mori tattoo on my chest isn’t just there to be stylish. I’m well aware of each precious moment. But I never before spent so long so isolated, and its given me even greater appreciation for those around me and what little time we have together.

So yeah, Im thinking I’m back. And hopefully we can all come back out of this together stronger than we where before. More present, more appreciative, more understanding. Antifragile.


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