Be an Asset

The way to change the world is through individual responsibility and taking local action in your own community.
~Jeff Bridges

I’ve been holding my breath for a while on this, but let me take a moment and indulge myself in my own writing to get this off my chest. I need to vent.

It’s not just social media, not just on facebook or the endless lists of click bait blogs and garbage media but I see more and more of complaining as if its action. More and more people lamenting the state of the world and crying out that someone else fix it for them. This isn’t a political post guys. I’m not talking about “snowflakes and rednecks” here, and don’t try to warp my words to fit your ideals cause its likely I’m talking about you.

If your so upset by a school shooting that your pouring out digital tears on social media and the most you could manage was to give a couple bucks to ceasfire you can just shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down. If your idea of activism was to repost some meme you can get the fuck right out of here with that shit. Likewise if your posts are all threeper MUH GUNS talking about standing up to tyranny and your big contribution to liberty is a donation to the NRA, yeah, you guessed it, there’s your corner. The 2nd amendment protects you from tyranny you say ? Never gotten any formal training you say? Your the problem asshole.

Well, here’s my opinion, the way I live my life. DO WORK. My words don’t mean much, my intentions, my feelings, they have no mass. Put them on the scale and see for yourself. What matters is what I do. Concerned about gun rights? Go out of your way to take out a new shooter, welcome someone from another social or economic class to the range with you. Do something to better your community. I see people who are frustrated with our culture, did you know Big Brothers and Big Sisters is looking for volunteers? How about the Homeless Children s Education Fund? If your really sick of the mess our college campus have become you’d love the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. Deeply concerned about the loss of life at the Boston Marathon, the last church or the next school shooting? We put on a free Stop The Bleed seminar the other day. Warning, you may need to step out your bubble and meet people you don’t agree with! Good! Become a positive influence in their lives. Give them a piece of yourself, of your time, of your energy, reach out and care about another human being and strengthen our inter-connectivity.

What have you done to make your community better? What actions have you taken to improve the world? To change the culture? When shit goes down do your people want you around? When your friend needs someone to talk to are you there? When I’m feeling stressed and tired and ready to quit are you going to build me up and carry me through or tear me down? Be a fucking asset!  Are you someone I want to have around, or are you a liability?  Either DO WORK, or move motherfucker, get out the way!

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