Self Defense Classes Pittsburgh

Antifragile Training offers realistic, pressure tested solutions for self defense, home defense, and firearms training in the Pittsburgh PA area. Curriculum is largely based on the work of my mentors Craig DouglasCecil BurchLarry Lindenman, and Paul Sharp.

My goal is to offer accessible local training in small block regular classes so that students can develop over time. Whether you are interested in starting martial arts for self defense, as a beginner, or are an experienced practitioner looking to learn how to adapt your existing skills to a realistic context It’s my job to guide you down that path.

Our Self Defense and combative classes are a MMA approach to self defense. We do Wrestling, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. We just do it with guns, knives, and multiple opponents looking to place proven combat sports techniques in a realistic setting.

Our Home Defense classes focus on solo structure clearing work that is applicable for the armed homeowner or lone operator.

Please visit our Home page for full schedule.

Private training and small group classes are available on request.

Shawn Lupka

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